Herb Garden Set

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Are you looking for something you can present to your friends who love gardening? Look no further because this Herb Garden Set has you covered! This garden-themed gift is ideal for individuals who love gardening. It includes nine varieties of organic culinary herb seeds and nine wooden herb makers. What’s more, it also includes two pair of gardening gloves, heavy-duty shovel and rakes hand tools. You will also find a herb-themed hand towel for cleanup. 

Perfect for Green-Fingered Folks 

This wonderful gift set is created for green-fingered individuals that present all the tools needed to grow plants into your garden. This Gardening Chest is ideal for a wide array of occasions, like Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, and many more. 

Can Serve as a Gift for Kids 

It is also an excellent family gift to get kids engaged in gardening and understanding more about the plants as well as the wildlife around them. Excellent for inquisitive children who are enthusiastic about learning a new ability, or parents who wish to get their children outside and entertain them along with an educational and thrilling gift. 

No matter if you want to give to your mother, sister, your child, etc., they will surely be smiling from ear to ear after this Gardening Chest of sunshine arrives at their doorstep. Blossoming along with a wide array of gardening accessories and a broad spectrum of gardening treats! 


  • 9 Varieties of Organic Culinary Herb Seeds
  • 9 Wooden Herb Markers
  • 2 Pair of Gardening Gloves
  • Heavy-duty Shovel and Rake Hand Tools
  • Herb-Themed Hand Towel