Picnic Set

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With a busy schedule, you can be stressed and tense. Since you work hard, you deserve to relax and take a break from the world. Make the most of your relaxation! It is wise to opt for the Picnic Set. It comes with useful items that can make your picnic extra special. 


Advantages of the Picnic Set 


The Picnic Set is equipped with valuable items that you can use to enjoy your picnic. With this, you can spend quality and fun bonding moments with your family, friends, or special someone. The items in the Picnic Set are great quality for its maximum performance. It can meet your needs and standards when it comes to your picnic adventure. 


If you want a complete picnic set, this is the perfect solution. It will never fail you since it is specially designed for your picnic needs. You can use it in your outdoor adventure. 


Great for celebrating special occasions 


The Picnic Set is a gift for different occasions. You can give it as a gift for your friend who will soon to be bride. It is ideal for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, corporate events or business giveaways. 


If you want to make your close friend feel special on her birthday, giving the Picnic Set is sure to please. Thus, you can provide her with picnic essentials and at the same time, you can show how you care for her.   



  • Yeti® Rambler® 20 oz. Tumbler with MagSlider™ Lid with personalization (Set of Two: Black & White)
  • Da Vinci Italian 100% Plastic Waterproof Playing Cards (Two Decks)
  • Oversized Outdoor Picnic Waterproof Blanket (94"x 79")
  • "Let’s Have A Picnic" Organic Cotton Dinnerware Bag
  • Black & White Checkered Linen Napkins (Set of Four)
  • Eco-friendly 10” Square Palm Leaf Plates (Set of Four)
  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Cutlery 12 Pieces (Service for Four)
  • "The Outdoor Table" Picnic Cookbook by April McKinney
  • Gift Chest Gallery Corkscrew
  • Gift Chest Gallery Tin of Mints